Now What? Dream Big! Why Not?

Reinvent Yourself.

A Note from Kirwan

I’ve worked with thousands of men and women just like you; people who are searching for more fulfilling, creatively charged lives.

Do you want to be more creative and live the life you’ve imagined for yourself?

Have you come to a crossroads and asked yourself, “What’s next? Now what?”

If you want a new direction and new results in your life, one thing is certain. You need to change your attitudes, beliefs and thoughts about where you want to go. The past is not a predictor of the future.

Using a variety of techniques, we’ll re-discover and re-awaken your zest for life and create action steps to get there. It all begins with a new self-image. Then you’ll change “Now what?” into “Why not!”

Kirwan’s Story.

Dr. Kirwan Rockefeller provides a unique tool kit to pursue the aspirations you may have waited months, years or even decades to accomplish. In his words, Kirwan offers a means of completing the question, “You know, I’ve always wanted to _______.”

Whether it’s writing the great American novel or a Hollywood screenplay, going back to school, making a career transition or studying the mind/body connection, Rockefeller’s coaching enables men and women of all ages to expand their lives for personal and professional enrichment.

Dr. Rockefeller is Adjunct Faculty, Saybrook University. There, he instructs and mentors master and doctoral students in the College of Integrative Medicine and Health Studies and the College of Social Sciences. Among his courses: “Imagery for Health,” “Stress Management Education” and “Ethics in Healthcare.” He currently serves on dissertation committees for a variety of students.

In addition, Dr. Rockefeller has consulted with top national and entertainment organizations on the accurate depiction of social and mental health issues including the Entertainment Industries Council, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute on Drug Abuse, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.

He is the co-editor of Psychology, Spirituality and Healthcare, Volume 2 of Mind-Body Medicine: The Art of Whole Person Healthcare (Praeger, 2007). He is a member of the American Psychological Association and lives in Newport Beach, CA.

Dr. Rockefeller received his PhD from Saybrook University, in San Francisco, CA; his M.P.A. from the University of Washington; and his B.A. from the University or Richmond, VA.

American Psychological Association
California Psychological Association
Saybrook University